PySQL screenshots

Simple SQL statements

simple SQL statement Notice that some columns have been truncated to fit screen size and that screen does not scroll endlessly. It stops after a defined number of rows to let users read records. Just press "enter" to see next resultset part.
simple SQL statement If you want to jump to next "n" or last "n" records, just type it !

Objects searching

search With commands view table, index, package, procedure, segment, tablespace you can search for objects in any schema or in one defined schema.
The % caracter can be used as standard SQL wildcard. If not given, pysql put a % before and after your search keyword.
Notice that when typing table and "tab" key, pysql complete with available commands : table and tablespace.

Objects describing

desc Pysql desc command display object and columns comments.
desc If table's columns are indexed it is also display with the column position in the index !

Graphical functions

Background request

Explain plan

Session management

Table comparison

structure, data

Objects editing

SQL library

CSV output

PySQL Parameters


count, time, ddl, watch, shell escape, completion, history, oracle parameter search,

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